Sunday, July 18, 2010

Aircon vs. Electric Fans

In the Philippines (Manila) the temperatures could reach up to around 39 degrees Celsius at the peak of the day, with this warm weather all around the year, it is imperative that we have aircon or electric fan to fight the heat.

Aircons (regular size) usually has the a 1000 watt power usage which means it uses 1000 watts of power in an hour, roughly translated, this would amount to around 12 pesos per hour. As compared to using electric fan which is usually around 150 watts, this would only cost us around 2 pesos per hour which is a great value. even if we simultaneously use 5 electric fans, it is still cheaper than one aircon.

If you want to save on power, use electric fans instead and watch your electric bill go down, or why not a combination of both? 1 hour aircon then fan for the next 3 hours then repeat. :D

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